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About Business class flights to Wuhan


Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province of China, is not a single city. Instead it is amalgamation of three cities (Wuchang, Hànkou and Hànyáng) into one. Sitting on the both sides of Yangzi River this one of the most populous cites in central China attracts thousands of travellers through its tourism and business options. Owing to its prominence as industrial, business and tourism hub tourists’ footfalls to the city never comes to a cease. Wuhan is connected to the major cities in China and rest of the world through airlines that offers an easy connectivity. It is also given great importance for its pivotal role in formation of Modern China. These things combined together inspire travellers to book business class flights to Wuhan where a great vacationing experience awaits their arrival.

Useful Information

  • A trip to Wuhan should be planned during spring and autumn, from March to April, September to October.
  • Use of bottled mineral water is recommended.
  • There are no apparent security threats but it is wise to be careful.

On arrival, there are buses, taxis, subway and ferries to make getting around an easy affair. During their visit to the city, the guests will come across a large number of attractions to engage travellers with varying inclination. Yellow Crane Tower which is built on the site of 12 previous incarnations is a work of modern architecture. The tower is the biggest draw card in the city. Tanhualin, which was once heavily populated by missionaries, is now a hub of trendy shops and cafes. Guiyuan Temple, which is the first Zen temples in Hubei province, is also a major draw card in the city. Baotong Temple which can be accessed through Wuhan metro Line 2 is a best preserved temple in the city. The city doesn’t disappoint museums hoppers either who have opportunity to visit its several museums. Hubei Provincial Museum is a fine place to see ancient artefacts from the region. Memorial Hall of Wuchang Uprising in 1911 Revolution, which is related to Wuchang Uprising that led to fall of the Qing Dynasty, is a top draw card for the history buffs. If you have an inclination for art visiting Hubei art Museums and Wuhan art Museums are best destinations. If you want to have a peek into flora and fauna of the region, then Wuhan Zoo and Wuhan Botanical Garden could be ideal destinations.

Wuhan Flights

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