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About Business class flights to Fuzhou

Temple of Xichan

Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province in China, is a renowned as an important political, economic, cultural and transport hub of the region. The city situated on the embankment area of the Min River is named after Mt. Fu situated in vicinity. A large number of Banyan trees were planted under Song Dynasty. Given its large Banyan plantation the city was also referred as Banyan city. Given its commercial, cultural and tourism importance a large number of travellers seek business class flights so that they can explore the city which is divided into five districts. The city of Lin Zexu, Lin Juemin and Wu Qingyuan is not a mean destination.

Useful Information

  • A trip to Fuzhou should be planned from April to June, and September to November.
  • Bars close by 2am in accordance with the local law.
  • The city is considered safe for travellers.

The city’s airport receives several regional as well as international flights that make tourists’ arrival to the city quite easy. On arrival three are buses and taxis to take you from one place to another. However travellers are advised to take taxis as buses could be crowded at times. The tourist should start their city sightseeing with a visit to Wuyi Square which is situated in the heart of the city with a statue of Mao in the centre. A visit to square becomes all the more interesting during rising (dawn) or lowering (dusk) of the flag. Hualin, a former Buddhist temple situated in the city has now been converted into a museum. It is now visited as for its great architecture and artefacts showcased in museum. If you are tired of city sightseeing, then visit West Lake Park which is situated centrally in the city. One can hire electric boats in order to explore the lake. There is a museum in vicinity that can also be explored. The city enjoys proximity to some magnificent mountains that can also be visited during your sojourn to the city. Gu Mountain, Baiyun Mountain, Wu Mountain and Qi Mountain are best destinations for those who love exploring mountains. In addition, the city offers various activities that you can take part into.

Fuzhou Flights

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