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About Business class flights to Xiamen


Despite being replete with quaint historical buildings Xiamen in Fujian province of Republic of China is considered a new city. This important port city has served as stronghold of of Zheng Chenggong who was a Ming Loyalist. The literal meaning of Xiamen is ‘door of the house’ and its coastal location serving as Gateway to China well justifies this. The city commonly referred as Amoy in the west is a popular destination for tourists with varying inclination. This one of the most popular cities in China is adorned with beautiful parks, magnificent temples and impressive promenades that tourists find appealing. These factors play great role in traveller decision to book business class flight to Xiamen.

Useful Information

  • The best time to visit Xiamen is from April to November.
  • Avoid direct tap water and use bottled mineral water instead.
  • The city keeps hosting fairs and festivals for most parts of the year and one should see it to get a slice of local culture.

A large part of the city including its airport is situated on Island. Although the city has an efficient public transport but foreign tourists visiting it should hire a car of taxi to explore it efficiently. When it comes to attractions and activities the city offers countless options. Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street which has got a facelift is frequented by travellers. Night markets which remain open till night are also worth exploring. Being more than a tourism and business hub Xiamen is well known as a education hub, thanks to Xiamen University that offers courses in various disciplines. Situated next is Nanputuo Temple, which is frequented by a large number of visitors. The guests can also climb the mountain behind the temple for beautiful views of Xiamen and surrounding nature. If you want to have a slice of nature then visit Yundang Lake where you can spot egret. Those looking for some moments of tranquillity should head to Bailuzhou Park where they can also see some music and dance performances. Jiageng Park which is created in memory of Tan Kah Kee (Chen Jiageng), founder of Xiamen University, is also worth exploring. In addition to this, there are several scrumptious shopping, dining and accommodation options to add spice to your Xiamen tours.

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