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About Business class flights to Hefei

residential buildings in Hefei

Situated in the Anhui province of China; Hefei is a major transport hub in the region which is well known for its lively markets, warm and friendly people, beautiful lakes and a handful of attractions. The city is served by an international airport that receives flights from around the world. This home of around 1.3 million people doesn’t have much in terms of tourist attractions but it receives a large number of business travellers who come here booking business class flights to Hefei.

Useful Information

  • Months from April to October are best to visit Hefei.
  • The city is considered safe but it is always wise to remain vigilant.
  • Hotels and restaurants for every pocket are available in the city.

Those arriving in the city of Hefei can take taxis, tuk-tuks and public buses to explore different parts of the country. Most parts of the city can be explored on foot. While in the city plan a sightseeing trip to see its attractions in order to understand the city better. Lord Bao Park is one such attraction dedicated to Bao Gong, a popular civil servant who was born in Hefei. Xiaoyaojin Park with many amusement rides is an ideal place for family vacationers while Xinghua Park with a large lake, amusement rides and several duckboats is also a popular choice. Those interested in flora of the country should visit Hefei Botanical Gardens where they can also spot a nice bonsai garden in addition to other things. The city of Hefei is also home to some stunning lakes such as Swan Lake and Chao lake that adds to its natural beauty.

Dashu Mountain which is a good sightseeing place offer commanding view of the city. Kai Fu Buddhist Temple and Hefei Zoo situated in the bottom of Dàshu shan are also popular attractions. Besides other things, Hefei is also well known as a regional hub of education with presence of University of Science and Technology. In addition, there are several museums and places of cultural performances that you may find interesting.

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