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Explore Barbados Beyond Beaches

By Carlton Leisure - 17/12/2015


Adorned with immaculate natural beauty and predominantly British character, Barbados has been a travellers’ delight for long. Add to it its passion of cricket and afternoon tea rituals and there emerges a destination where every moment is filled with fun and excitement. But its European character doesn’t mean the country has bid adieu to its Caribbean past as you can find impressive details of history scattered throughout the island. To cater travellers, there are hotels and restaurants of every whim and budget. So if you are also someone who will fly soon to Barbados, a brief account of its top draw cards could be of great help.

Soup Bowl

The teardrop shaped island is caressed by beautiful surfing waves. Despite that the place is far from the surfers glare. The waves can travel for long in clear waters without any interruption like sandbars or coral reefs. Soup Bowl acts as most important part of breakers for Barbados. With best waves, Soup Bowl is highly popular as surfers’ paradise.

Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay has one of best coastlines in the Barbados but the only drawback is the large crowed assembled here. Unskilled swimmers and children should avoid swimming here as waves could be high and foamy at times. But if you are eager to explore the beach visit it before the morning because shadow of the cliffs may hide the area.

Garrison Savannah Horse Racing

Watching horse racing could also be a good idea to celebrate your Barbados vacation. Even if you are not keen to seeing horses in action, just go there to feel the energetic audience. Imagine the thrill of sipping coconut water, gorging on Bajan cuisine, and basking in a Caribbean sun and you will find yourself dragged to the local race course named the Garrison Savannah, a popular track at the Barbados Turf Club of Christ Church, Barbados. The entire environment is exciting and full of activities.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Want to know about the flora of the region then there is no better place to do that then a visit to Andromeda Botanic Gardens which is spread over an area of 6 acres. The area is good to take a leisure walk and appreciate the natural beauty, on the way. There is a cafe on garden confines where you can stop for a lunch. But here is a word of caution. The entry to the park is not free and you have to shell out some dollars to get there. Avoid if you are hard pressed for the budget.

Crop Over Festival

Crop Over Festival traces its origin from 17th century when slaves working in on Barbados' sugar fields celebrated at the end of the harvest with singing and dancing. Even today Bajans, commemorate that the "Crop's Over" during summers at the par with the Caribbean carnivals of Trinidad & Tobago or the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you are visiting this island during the summers, you will get a chance to see Crop Over Festival from the close quarters.