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Middle East Travel Tips

  • thumb-esfahan-mosque-iran
    Iran’s Top Cultural Sites in UNESCO World Heritage List
    By Carlton Leisure - 16 Jun 2016
    One of the major countries in the Middle East Iran is home to several UNESCO world heritage sites. Here we give a brief description of prominent among them....more
  • thumb-viewing-platform-Burj-Khalifa-Dubai
    Top Tourist Attractions in the United Arab Emirates
    By Carlton Leisure - 13 Jan 2016
    Dubai and Abu Dhabi might be the popular destination in the the USE but if you want to have a complete understanding of the country your need to explore more. Here is a list of its top attractions....more
  • thumb-modern-arabic-city-Abu-Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi and its amazing offerings
    By Carlton Leisure - 22 Dec 2015
    Abu Dhabi the capital of of the UAE might not be as glamorous as Dubai but it is not dull either. Here we suggest what should be explored while on a trip to Abu Dhabi....more
  • thumb-famous-places-Kuwait
    Spend some quality time in Kuwait
    By Carlton Leisure - 05 Dec 2015
    Despite being a small country, Kuwait misses no opportunity to charm travellers with its interesting allures. Here we give a lowdown on its top draw cards....more
  • thumb-Manama-city-Bahrein
    Bahrain: A Fine Combination of Arabic Traditions and Mode...
    By Carlton Leisure - 04 Dec 2015
    Bahrain, situated in Persian Gulf, is known for a fascinating mix of old and new attractions. Here is a lowdown on its popular draw cards....more
  • thumb-Ancient-Roman-time-Palmyra
    Get a glimpse of cities in Syria
    By Carlton Leisure - 10 Nov 2015
    Syria is home to some most interesting sites and cities that could be explored to know about history and culture of Syria. Visit this country to have a peek into its interesting history....more
  • thumb-desert-of-Qatar
    Explore popular attractions of Qatar
    By Carlton Leisure - 09 Nov 2015
    Besides being a country rich with oil and natural gas, Qatar is well known for its multiple draw cards. Here we deliberate on some of them....more
  • thumb-Ali-ebne-Hamze-Shrine
    Explore intriguing cities of Iran
    By Carlton Leisure - 09 Nov 2015
    One of the most important countries in the Middle East, Iran is well known for its beautiful cities. Here is a brief overview....more