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June~2015 Travel Tips

  • thumb-lighthouse-Cork
    Discover your night in pubs of Cork
    By Carlton Leisure - 30 Jun 2015
    Cork, Ireland is a beautiful city and blessed with natural as well as artificial settings. Visiting here will be a great experience and you will definitely enjoy it....more
  • thumb-Swiss-Parliament-Bern
    Bern offers you a beautiful leisure time
    By Carlton Leisure - 29 Jun 2015
    Bern is the most beautiful city of Switzerland and has been attracting travellers for its wonderful beauty and attractions to explore. Visiting Bern will be a great experience....more
  • thumb-capital-city-of-Algeria
    Attractions of Algiers recently found by tourists like you
    By Carlton Leisure - 26 Jun 2015
    Algiers is the best place to spend your holiday, if you are travelling to Algeria. Discover its beautiful attractions and enjoy your time....more
  • thumb-Galleria-Vittorio-Emanuele
    A travel guide to Milan for travellers
    By Carlton Leisure - 25 Jun 2015
    Milan is the most favourite city for travellers in Italy as they find a lot of things to do and see. Plan your next vacation here and you will be delighted by its charms....more
  • thumb-Fishing-village-Norway
    Plan your best vacation today and explore Oslo
    By Carlton Leisure - 22 Jun 2015
    Oslo is a fantastic city equipped with amazing attractions to explore. Must plan a trip to this city and you will be delighted to see all the attractions....more
  • THUMB-Myth-Heaven
    You should never miss visiting Athens
    By Carlton Leisure - 19 Jun 2015
    Athens is a beautiful destination in Greece filled with wonderful things to make your holiday great. Must choose this place as your next holiday destination and enjoy every moment....more
  • thumb-Montego-Bay-Jamaica
    Montego Bay an energetic city of Jamaica
    By Carlton Leisure - 18 Jun 2015
    Montego Bay is a great holiday spot and best place to enjoy true adventure. It is really beautiful and memorable, so visit and enjoy the city....more
  • thumb-Antwerp-market
    Antwerp can make your trip memorable
    By Carlton Leisure - 17 Jun 2015
    Antwerp is a small town in Belgium and equipped with wonderful things to enjoy and see. Must plan to visit and explore its attractions while enjoying your holiday....more