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Grenada and its grand attraction

By Carlton Leisure - 21/11/2015


Crowd free beaches, secluded coves and scent of nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon in the air; Grenada may not be as popular as it neighbours like Barbados and St Lucia but it is an ideal destination for those looking for a secluded place for vacations. Its green hills are laden with trees bearing fruits. The island leaves travellers awestruck with its waterfalls, rainforests and plethora of white sandy beaches. Its capital St George’s which was one of the major ports during 18th century is considered one of the prettiest capitals in Caribbean. Owing to these features, travellers often book flights to Grenada where various fun activities await them. Here we give a lowdown top draw cards in Grenada.

St George’s

St George’s which is one is one of the most beautiful towns in the Caribbean is also the town where most of the Grenada bound tourists set their foot. The city is a nice place to explore on foot and on the way they can come across impressive old buildings to the Carenage harbour. There are good number of beautiful shops and cafes where they can stop for some moments. Visiting its narrow street will give you a good grasp of its culture. Fort George, Sendal tunnel and Carenage are major attractions.


The country called Grenada is home to several beaches but Pingouin Beach stands out with its vast stretches of powdery white sand with warm blue waters. The guests can try their hands in snorkelling and other water sports. There are several restaurants in the vicinity that can be visited for a quick snack. Another important beach is Levera Beach which has now been incorporated into Grenada’s national-park system. Apart from being a favourite hunt for travellers, the beach also doubles up as a sea-turtle nesting site. The path to the beach is not paved but it is worth walking.

National Cricket Stadium

Grenada is well known for its great love for cricket and has some excellent venues to host this much loved sport. Grenada National Museum is one such venue that keeps hosting several regional as well as international cricket matches. Previously known as the Queen’s Park the stadium is one of the major cricketing ground in the region.

Fort George

Fort George that dominates the St George’s skyline is the oldest fort in Grenada was found by the French in 1705. On arrival the guests can explore the dank tunnels and climb to the top to have a commanding view of the city. Situated near to it is the parade ground where revolutionary leader Maurice Bishop was executed, which started a series of events that led to the US invasion in 1983.