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Myanmar - An amalgamation of heritage and nature

By Carlton Leisure - 30/01/2015


Myanmar could be termed as discovery of new millennium. It doesn’t mean that this country in Asia didn’t exist before but was not opened to international tourists. Five decades of military dictatorship and almost no development has left country at the level where it was before independence from colonial powers. And the country unfolds as a pleasant surprise for visitors who are always on the hunt for new destinations. When its neighbours India, China and Thailand are taking a leap towards modernity, people get smitten by simplicity of Myanmar, which was previously called Burma. The country wrapped in tradition inspires travellers to take flights to Yangon which is fast becoming popular among travellers.

Places of Religious Interest

Myanmar is highly influenced by religion and a visit to its places of worship will give you an insight into the history and culture of the country which was almost cut off from rest of the world for almost 50 years. There are several temples and pagodas dotting its landscape. The guests can go to visit some ancient pagodas in Bagan where statue of Buddha is adorned with illuminating lights. There are various temples in vicinity that can also be explored. Apart from their religious importance, these temples and pagodas are well known for their stunning architecture.

Welcoming people

Myanmar may not be a land of prosperous people but Burmese are very friendly towards tourists. And most of the tourists who visit this Asian country get bowled over by their simplicity. And Burmese look beautiful in their traditional attire. Men look gorgeous in ankle length "lungyis" while women looks beautiful in faces brushed with yellow "thanaka" paste.

Shoppers’ hub

Believe it or not, Myanmar is a great destination for retail therapy as there are several destinations where you can satiate shopaholic in you. You may not find glittering shopping malls here but that doesn’t mean that city is lacking in shopping option. There are several shopping hubs in Yangon and Mandalay and tourists can also do some shopping of Burmese goods at border city of Moreh.

Spectacular Sunsets and Sunrise

Apart from tourists with varying interests the destination also caters to the shutterbugs as it allows them opportunity to click some most stunning pictures of sunrise and sunset. Seeing farmers heading to field in the morning and birds returning to their nest when sky looks golden, is an experience in itself.

Heritage that transports you back in time

A trip to Myanmar and its popular cities like Yangon and Mandalay gives you an insight into colonial period. There are various buildings of that era that gives you a reflection of its British past. Though, these buildings are not in good condition and needs urgent rennovation.