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Paraguayan Pampering

By Carlton Leisure - 05/10/2015


Paraguay is a country of interesting contrasts where one can find modern cities on the one side and vast stretches of nature on another, abject poverty on the one side and filthy rich neighbourhoods on the other. Situated in the heart of the condiment it might not boast of excellent infrastructure but it charms tourists with varying inclination who end up taking flights to Asuncion the capital of Paraguay. Most of the travellers use it as a mere stopover for a visit to neighbouring countries but once you take pain to visit its hinterlands you will find that this destination is anything but dull. Blame it on its poor PR machinery, the country is full of attractions but these are not publicised. Here we suggest you what makes this country interesting.

For city explorers

Paraguay has some of the most fascinating cities in the region. Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, is a destination in its own right and gateway to Gran Chaco Region. Once you visit its downtown you will be greeted with tree lined avenues, heritage buildings and grand shopping malls. A large number of dining and nightlife options also dot the city make you stay a more enjoying affair. The city has a host of attractions that include cathedrals, green spaces and impressive heritage buildings. Tourists can also have their beach moments at San Bernadino. Concepcion which is the second largest city in Paraguay has all new face as most of the buildings are built recently after being destroyed in a earthquake. Everything is planned to perfection and visiting it is an absolute delight.

For Museums Hoppers

Museum hoppers too can find Paraguay interesting destinations given its diverse range of museums. Museo Del Barro with a large collection of artworks, paintings, ceramics and statues is an ideal destination for museum hoppers. The Jakob Unger Museum boasts of its great ethnographic collections. The guests will sample several artefact related to ethnography and natural history. On the ground floor the guests can see artefacts related to Mennonite history and on the upper floor plant and animal life of Gran Chaco region.

For Nature Lovers

Besides its other allures, Paraguay is generously blessed by Mother Nature. And its immaculate natural beauty has earned it several admirers. There is legendry Gran Chaco and vast stretches of swamps and marshes. The nature lovers can go to visit Medanos National Park and Defensores del Chaco National Park where one can sample wild species in their natural setting. Jaguar, puma, tapir, the rare Chaco peccary, giant anteaters and night monkeys are commonly found animals here. The country has several destinations that are considered ideal for bird arching.

For sightseeing enthusiasts

The country called Paraguay is home to some of the most interesting sites and a few of them has also been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The 17th-century Jesuit missions of Trinidad and Jesus are fine examples of it. In addition, the guests can go to visit the fort of San Carlos, Fort Olimpo and the petroglyphs at Cerro Guazu and Tacuati. The cascading look of the Iguazo Falls is unforgettable.