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Saint Kitts Sparkles with Natural Beauty

By Carlton Leisure - 24/11/2015


The bigger of two island of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Kitts offers an amazing setting for vacation. The island caters to tourists with varying inclinations with its several underwater activities, historical draw cards and natural attractions. In addition, there are hiking trails, rainforests and waterfalls to give you one of the best experiences in Caribbean. The island is also home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the region where one can spend quality time on vast Sandy stretches. Charmed with its various draw cards people often book flights to St Kitts where all these things exists for real.

Brimstone Hill Fortress

One of the prized British colonies Brimstone Hill Fortress was built to protect St Kitts. Situated more than 200m above sea level, the beautiful complex, was built in late 17th century with the help of enslaved African labour. A museum situated within the high walls of the fortress gives a valuable insight into the life and time of that period. The fortress complex has now been listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

St Kitts Scenic Railway

One of the most exciting ways to explore St Kitts is to board The Sugar Train, the island's railway that goes through the scenic coastline. This kind of railway is impossible to find elsewhere in the Caribbean. Once used to carry sugar from plantation to factory, the vibrant double-decker train is now most interesting means to explore the island. Being an important port of call the St Kitts also receives a large number of cruise travellers who love a ride on this double decker train. Sometimes, the local cappella singers also board the trains and sing calypsos.

Bloody Point

Bloody Point gives you an insight into the sad moments of the local history. The place is situated at a mile west of Basseterre on Old Road. It is the place where around 2,000 Carib Indians were massacred in 1625 by a joint team of French and British forces. Legend had it that the blood from the massacre ran for three days.

Romney Manor and Old Road

While visiting the Old Road, you would be visiting the first British town in the entire Caribbean. Situated near to the Old Road Town is the 17th-century Romney Manor sugar estate, now home to Caribelle Batik. On your visit to Caribelle Batik you will see live display of the batik process. Situated near to it is the church of St Thomas which is the first Anglican Church in the British Caribbean.

The Treasury Building and National Museum, Basseterre

The Treasury Building where National Museum is housed is situated on the Basseterre waterfront. The museum gives an understanding of the heritage and local culture. The Treasury Building was formerly known as the gateway to the island because its arc was the point of entry for passengers coming by ship.