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Saudi Arabia is traditional yet attractive

By Carlton Leisure - 31/10/2014


For most of the travellers the name of Saudi Arabia brings to mind its oil riches and a country where a large mass of migrant working population resides. But Saudi Arabia is more than this. The birthplace of Islam is home to several attractions that offers an interesting peek into the history and culture of this country. So ditch the image of Saudi Arabia as a bland country instead board a flight to Riyadh and explore its interesting attractions.

Madain Saleh

Saudi Arabia has a bevy of attractions but nothing can beat the aura of Madain Saleh. The place is blessed with breath taking scenery and history to engage you for few days. The place is better known for its 131 tomb. You can also find inscriptions on some tombs. This impressive tomb beautifully combines Greco-Roman architecture with Nabataean and Babylonian imagery. Hejaz Railway Station situated nearby is also worth watching.


Najran is a beautiful villages situated on the area bordering Yemen. And visiting it could be an experience in itself. The history, culture and architecture of the city have a certain influence of women. This one of the most interesting destinations in Saudi Arabia is a visitors’ delight.

Mecca and Medina

No trip of Saudi Arabia is said to be complete without a visit to Mecca and Medina. Situated in west Saudi Arabia Mecca is the holiest place for Islam. Medina is another holy place situated in the north of Mecca. It is the place where the Prophet Muhammad migrated to from Mecca. Entry of non Muslims is strictly prohibited in both these towns.

Al-Tayibat City Museum for International Civilisation

Spread on four floors, the museum offers an interesting collection that includes Islamic manuscripts, old coins, furniture and pottery. Exploring these museums is easy as exhibits are accompanied by good captions and information. The museum denies entry to a group of less than 10 people. So it is better to join a group.

Farasan Island

Farasan Island is a part of Jizan Province in Saudi Arabia. The island situated in Red Sea is a group of 84 islands. The island is situated off the coast of Jizan. Farasan is the main town of this island. There are several uninhibited islands in this group serving as breeding ground of birds.

Old Coral Houses

Most of the Jeddah’s old coral houses are not in good condition. But recently restored Naseef House is worth watching. The guests can also visit Shorbatly House which looks beautiful with its well adorned balconies.

Apart from these, Saudi Arabia is also a great destination for adventure seekers as it is home to several diving spots and desert excursions.