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Things to see during your trip to Mendoza

By Carlton Leisure - 28/04/2015


Water flows along with its sidewalks and trees are standing to welcome you. A lot of acequias were made by the Huarpe Indians and developed upon by the Incas long before the city was established in 1561.

Thanks to its growing tourism and wine sector, Mendoza is filled with creative restaurants and housings that are categorized into slick high-rises with conference rooms for serious wine tasting with serious relaxing. Low rise colonial structures with their high ceilings, slim doorways and colourful shops and restaurants. Sparkling at the time of the day, the city actually appears as a vibrant at night, when the crowd head towards the cafes, restaurants and bars.

Museo Fundacional

The place preserves excavations of the colonial town hall, shattered by a massive tremor in 1861. The museum explains about the historical past. A sequence of small dioramas portrays the cities past working through all of human evolution. Excavations, created noticeable by a glass-coated screening area, disclose levels of pre-Hispanic and Spanish remains.

Parque Provincial Aconcagua

A mesmerizing and spell-bounding place to capture in your heart! Natural setting of this place undoubtedly inspires travellers and makes them come here again and again. Snow-capped mountains, picturesque surroundings and easy connectivity from the city centre give you a great opportunity to go close to the nature and experience a tranquil moments.

Potrerillos Explorer Rafting

It is just a hard to believe experience on Mendoza River! Rafting here is taken as a fun and generally people love to do this exciting activity. The flow of the River is slow and don’t need to be scared. Keep extra cloths to change after rafting and take essential steps to prevent from submerged. Get complete guide and security details prior to do so that it could save you from any misshapen.

Andes Vertical

If you love you measure the height of the mountain then this place is best for you. Climbing is the most popular activity here among locals and travellers. Normally you can see a number of tourists trying their hand to experience a fantastic hike up. The scenery at Lomas Blancas is simply outstanding and seeing 20 condors circling at one site is a bonus point.

Mendoza has no dearth of tourist’s attractions and you will always get something new on your every tour. It makes you enthusiastic and increases your excitement to explore its hidden charms. Apart from it, the city is well connected and gives you easy access from major cities of the world. Find flights to Mendoza and take a fly to this wonderful small city and enjoy every moment of your vacation. Truly, it is a paradise for travel enthusiastic to refresh their life.