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Top beaches in South Korea – Seek some seaside fun

By Carlton Leisure - 29/06/2016


Let us admit it. South Korea is not popular as beach destination. Thailand and Indonesia are more powerful contenders. But lack of popularity doesn’t mean it is devoid of beaches. The country is home to some of the most spectacular beaches that could be a favorite haunt for the beach vacationers. Unlike Bali which is the poster boy of beach tourism, beaches in South Korea are not much popular but not their tourism appeal but the poor PR machinery is to be blamed. Here we discuss top beach destinations in South Korea.

Jungmun Beach

This 560 meter long beach is a popular haunt among the travelers for its fine sands which is a fine blend of white, black, red and grey colors. Situated adjacent to beach is a natural sea cave called Haesikgul Cave that adds variety to your beach experience. Apart from sitting idle and indulging in leisure activities, the beach also offer some of the adventure activities that include windsurfing and jet skiing. The beach also holds film festival every year during the summers that makes it more sought after.

Jeondongjin Beach

Jeondongjin beach is one of the hot favorite among the beach vacationers and those who have visited it before still fill nostalgic about it. Watching the sun emerging like a red ball is an experience hard to replicate. A large number of visitors from Malaysia and other parts of the world come to the beach to celebrate New Year. Most of the travelers flying to Seoul have a visit to this beach on their itinerary.

Hyeopjae Beach

Adorned with glittering white sand derived from crushed seashells, the beach looks great with its colored water and verdant greenery that surrounds it. The beach attracts a large number of travelers during sunrise and sunset. The beach is also good for family vacationers due to its gentle slope and pleasant waves.

Naksan Beach

Stretching over 4km the beach is a favorite haunt for vacationers during the summers. Shallow clear waters and Nak-San peak in vicinity make it a popular destination for family vacationers. One can get atop the peak by a small hike from where you can get panoramic view of the surrounding.

Sangju beach

Like Naksan Beach this Sangju beach too is situated on the southern coast of the country. Stretching over 2km the beach looks beautiful with its silver sand and clear waters. The place is further adorned by rock with Mt. Geumsan in perspective. With shallow waters one can take barefoot strolls to long distances. If you want to see fishing from close quarters then a visit to the islands of Namuseom or Dolseum is highly recommended.

Apart from that Haeundae beach, Songjeong beach, Gyeongpo beach and Jinha Beach are other popular beaches in South Korea that should be explored.

Image Source: visitkorea