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Top Destinations to visit in Asia

By Carlton Leisure - 15/01/2016


Asia, the largest continent onplanet earth holds an array of destinations to relax and rejuvenate. And these destinations are varied in appearance, culture and climate. While travelling through Asia you might come across glittering megapolis, places with naughty life, hevenly islanda and places rich with history and culture. As summing such a big contient in few world is not posssible here we are give a lowdown on top destinatioins in Asia.


Immacuate natural beauty, cavernous sandy beaches and an array of fun activities Maldives a conglomeration of over 1,190 islands is a place that satisfies everyone idea of holidaying. The place might be difficult to reach but once you reach their you are handsomely rewarded for your endeavour. With a vast coastline, the place is ideal for beach lovers and also cater water sports enthusiasts with a great elan. Flights to Mali start as little as £600.


Beijing, the capital of China might not equal Shanghai and Hong Kong in terms of glamor and glitz but it outshimes them when it comes to historical and cultural influence. With the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City the city can braig about its enviable draw cards. The tourists may visit the old parts of the city where common people lives in hutongs. In short it’s hard to overlook the tourism potentials of the Capital of China including the great value flights from London to Guangzhou.

Hong Kong

With gleaming arrray of skyscrappers, Hong Kong a former British colony signifies that sky is only limit for its aspirations. This former British colony which has recently been inducted to China has a culture of its own which is distinct from both China and Britain. Also called Pearl of the Orient the city has its own currency and its own judiciary system. With great options for food, dining shopping and advenutre the destination is an ultimate playground for tourists with varying inclinations from Manchester to Hong Kong.


Once a stopover for flights, the country city of Singapore is a world class destination now. Home to a multicultural population the city is a place where you can have a slice of different world cultures which is best depicted in its dinning options. Over the years, the city has also emerged as a shopping destination of repute. Decked with several skyscappers, climate controlled shopping malls and varisou fun activites for kids; Singapore is a place you will love to visit time and again. Charmed by its aura tourists with varying whim and desire board Singapore flights.


Thosands of newlyweds flock to Bali for a honeymoon to immortalise their romantic moments. Miles of sandy beaches, ancient temples and verdant green paddy field spins a magic tourists find it hard to resist. Delve deep into interriors and you will find that this city is generously blessed with adventures options and natural beauty. In adddition, therer are seveal hotels and resort to provide you accommodation. With a Business class flight cheaper than you think why not get a luxury flight to Singapore?


Tokyo the capital of Japan seems to be a jet-set city you will find it hard to keep pace with. The city may have a love for technology but it has kept intact its tradition in the form of temples, gardens and museums that have survived centures of changes. So walk through its streets, visit its museums and taste its sushi. You will remember the experience for a long time; get there from Birmingham to Tokyo.


With several skyscrappers, street makets, heritage buidlings and temples Seoul unveils as a fine mix of tradition and modernity. In just 50 years, the city has transformed into a giant metropolis gearing up for challenges of future. With several palaces, cutlural attraction and design the city is giving major cities in the world run for thier money.


Tokyo may boast of being financial and political hub but Kyoto seems content with being cultural hub of the country. With a total of 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites to its name the city’s cultural potentials are beyond question. So visit its shrines, temples and palaces and visit a teahouse if you are feelign tired from as little as £600 flying from Birmingham Airport.


Recently declared the best city to visit in 2014, Bangkok attracts tourists with glittering shopping hubs, maginficent palaces and naughty nightlife. It is one of the few destination in the world that judiciously mixes modernity with tradition. Go for shopping or hit a bar every experience is extraordinary in its own terms. Direct flights from Manchester to Bangkok.


The travellers visiting Thailand often makes a point to visit Phuket that offers a respite from chaotic Bangkok. Armed with scenery. lush green hills and sandy beaches phuket is a destination you will leave to return from many London Airports.