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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Argentina

By Carlton Leisure - 30/01/2016


Diverse geography, several natural wonders, spectacular beaches and a passion of for football; Argentina has more attractions than a country of this size may be offering. From vast deserts to humid jungles to rich cultural and art hub to several architectural hubs; the country called Argentina has several things to cater tourists with varying interest. Club it up with great dining, partying and entertainment hubs and there emerges a destination you would love to visit often. Here we give a lowdown on top attractions in Argentina.

Iguazú Falls

Situated on Argentina's border with Brazil, Iguaçu National Park spread across both the countries has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site. Iguazú Falls which is one of the most spectacular sites in South America is one of the most sought after destinations in Argentina that can be reached through walkways. There are platforms from where you can see stunning view of the waterfalls right from the bottom to the top. The fall which consists of 150 to 300 individual falls is spread over three-kilometre edge. The number changes depending on the season and availability of water. Most of the travellers fly to Buenos Aires and then take a connecting flight from there in order to have a glance of this fall.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the major attractions the travellers should explore during their visit to Argentina. Most of the travellers trying to explore the glacier in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Patagonia's Los Glaciares National Park seek solace in the town of El Calafate. Perito Moreno Glacier, which is a massive 30-kilometer-long ice formation, is one of the most sought destinations in Argentina.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is one of the most sought after cities in the continent of South America. This cosmopolitan city present great diversity and offers a glimpse of Argentina in a nutshell. Most of the travellers use Buenos as a gateway to other important destination like Patagonia. But Buenos Aires is also a destination in its own right. The city is home to several museums, art galleries and old colonial buildings that tourists can explore during their visit to the city. In addition there are several cafes, restaurants and shopping hubs that can be explored as part of your trip.


Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city was established as a penal colony in the early 20th century but now it serves as a base for trips to Antarctica or around Cape Horn. Situated near the Beagle Channel, the town is surrounded by mountains, sea, glaciers, and woods that give it a beautiful setting.


A prominent city in Argentina the city of Mendoza turns a hub of adventure enthusiasts during winters as well as in summer. AS snow falls the city becomes a Mecca for skiers; thanks to some of the best slopes of ands in vicinity.  During the summers the area becomes popular with hikers and climbers.