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Tunis and its tantalising attractions

By Carlton Leisure - 18/11/2015


Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is the seat of power and a city blessed with immaculate natural beauty and diverse history. Lined with a balmy Mediterranean coastline, the city is home to some of the most spectacular beaches one may feel hooked to. The city could be an ideal destination for those looking for an ideal combination of sand, surf and sea. But apart from the seaside fun, the city is known for its diverse culture that adds to its popularity. Impressed by these features, people often book flights to Tunis where they explore its multiple allures.

Bardo Museum

Bardo museum which is the most impressive museum in the country has a vast collection of artefacts that offers a reflection on ancient North African life. With the addition of Husseinite palace the exhibition space has almost doubled. During your visit to the museum you will sample well-preserved Roman mosaics, rare Phoenician artefacts and ceramics related to early Islamic era. The museum is situated at a short drive from the city centre.

Zitouna Mosque

The city of Tunis is home to some spectacular mosques and Zitouna Mosque is one among them. The mosque was built in 8th century while minarets were added much later in 19th century. While visiting this mosque one should dress traditionally. Non-muslins are allowed in the certain part of the mosque. Adjacent to mosque, there are several souks that should also be explored.

Stroll through Souqs in Medina

Souqs in Medina makes an interesting visit. While visiting the souqs you will come across small shops loaded with plenty of stuff. The area remains abuzz with activity for most parts of the year. On any normal day, the guests would see a large number of people buying selling and haggling over products. The area is surrounded by palaces, mosques and Islamic schools adding to its importance. The tourists should go to the tourism office situated adjacent to clock tower from where you can get detail map of the souks.

Dar Ben Abdallah Museum

Nestled in a magnificent 18th century palace, the Dar Ben Abdallah Museum, gives a reflection of the life of affluent class during that period. This building was owned by a high-ranking officer and in 19th-century it was renovated in Italianate style. During their visit to the museum you will come across a large number of things giving a reflection into the 19th-century lifestyle of affluent class of the country.

The tourists should also go to visit Dar Ben Abdallah small yet engaging museums nestled in an 18th-century palace in the medina. The museum gives a peek into the life of a rich merchant. On their visit the guests would be able to see several exhibits dating back to Ottoman era that include faience, stucco ornament, costumes and furniture.