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Why climbing Mount Everest is an obsession

By Carlton Leisure - 30/04/2014


Mount Everest is a dream of every mountaineer. Almost all who encounter this mighty peak are awed by this tallest mountain on the planet Earth. It is the standard to which all the mountains are compared. In Tibetan it is called Chomolungma means “Goddess Mother of Snow” and in Nepalese Sagarmatha means “Mother of Universe”. Ever since Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay ascended the peak on 29th May 1953, it has become a dream of every climber to touch its heights. Many have perished on its slopes, met with life threatening accidents but the fascination to place a foot on it and conquering this mighty peak never gets slow down at all.

Glaciers have chiseled Mount Everest’s summit into a huge triangular pyramid. It is defined by three faces and three ridges that extend to northeast, southeast and northwest. Among all, its southeastern ridge is the most widely used climbing route. Some climbers also opt for the northern ridge, which is known for having unsympathetic winds and colder temperatures. Despite its reputation as an extremely dangerous mountain the allure of Mount Everest is undimmed. Adventurous mountaineers from all corner of the world risk everything for a view from the top of the world and try to climb it because it is there.

Climbing Mount Everest is not a high probability for most people and does require nerves of steel but there is a better chance of trekking to the part of the mountain known as base camp. Reaching these base camps of majestic Himalayas and just trekking through these areas is truly an amazing feeling. A simpler way to experience Mount Everest is by taking a guided flight around Mount Everest to catch the bird’s eye view of these snow-covered mountain ranges which is truly an exhilarating experience. Extreme temperatures, chilling atmosphere, hard -hitting conditions without a family support makes the Mount Everest expedition as one of the toughest in the world. But its captivating charm, unimagined beauty, the spirit to conquer the world’s highest battleground are so spine chilling that we will never tire of climbing Mount Everest.

Best time to visit

It is truly unpredictable when to visit Mount Everest but the best time to explore is during the start of fry season in the months of October and November. The next best month is from February to April which is the end of the dry season.