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Why Myanmar attracts travelers like a magnet

By Carlton Leisure - 08/06/2016


Myanmar, a small country in Asia, has a magnetic appeal among the travelers despite the fact that it was ruled by a oppressive military government and far from the modern means of development.But there is something in this country that facilitates tourist arrivals. Surrounded by India, Thailand, China, Laos and Bhutan the country seem to be frozen in time period.Little changes have been noticed since it got independence in mid 20th century but still the country remains a hot destination when travelers plan a visit to Asia. Is it a case of turning weaknesses into strength or something else? Here we try to find out what makes Myanmar so desirable.

Archeological sites - the prime draw card

Archeological sites have always been a hot favorite among the travelers and Myanmar with a wealth of archeological sites is a better place to do it. And one can visit Bagan to which is home to several archeological site. Spread over a large landmass and framed with Irrawaddy River and mountains the area is replete with remain of several temples and buildings.These archeological sites hint towards this once prosperous city which served as the kingdom of Pagan from 9th to 13 century.

Adventure - Try your guts

Myanmar may not be a prosperous country but is rich in terms of adventure options given its diverse terrain.The adventure buffs would face problem of plenty given a large number of adventurous options.From trekking to cycling and air ballooning Myanmar throw various options your way.

Gravity defying rock - you won’t find elsewhere

There are several exceptions of the law of nature and this gravity defying rock is one of them. Every year thousands of travelers from different parts of Burma plan a pilgrimage to Mount Kyaiktiyo to the sacred Golden Rock.Adorned with gold leaf this boulder seems to be defying laws of the nature. The boulder is revered by a large number of travelers form Myanmar and abroad.

Affordability – the key factor

The best thing about Myanmar visit is its affordability. And if you are flying to Yangon you will get to know that the travel facilities in Myanmar come at a lower price than its European counter parts. From food to accommodation, transport and visit to tourist attractions, everything comes at a very low price.Recently the surge in tourist arrivals has raised the prices to a certain extent but these are still affordable.  Hotels and lodges, barring some luxury options, come at a lower price and you can have a princely dinner at very low prices.The visitors can explore several drinking hubs available in the city.

Teak bridge which are not built anymore

Mandalay and Bagan may have their own Importance but Teak Bridge of Amarpura is one of the most photographed sites in Burma. One should take a guided tour from Mandalay to know more about this one of a kind bridge.

Irresistible cuisines

If you are a foodie then a trip to Myanmar is just for you. Apart from being healthy and scrumptious, some of the delicacies are exclusive to the country. As it is surrounded by countries like Thailand,India and China you can spot ingredients from these countries in preparation of food.Mohinga and Onnokauswe noodles are some of the top delicacies.