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World’s Top Remote Yet Beautiful Destinations

By Carlton Leisure - 27/05/2016


These are remote, hard to reach and don’t fit everyone’s idea of vacation, still these places are frequented by a large number of travelers. They brave difficult terrain to reach there but on arrival they find that their efforts are worth it. Here we take a glance on these remote beauties.

Deception Island, Antarctica

Situated in the north of the Antarctic Peninsula, Deception Island has found mention in sci-fi novel 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. The place has long been a safe harbor for sailors. Its exothermally heated water makes it an ideal destination to swim in Antarctica. While in Antarctica don’t miss an opportunity to visit Hektor Whaling Station and the largest cemetery in Antarctica.

How to get there:

The travelers should take a flight to Buenos Aires; from there they can get a regional airline to reach Ushuaia. From there you have to brave the infamous Drake to the South Shetlands.

Easter Island, Chile

Despite being home to some treasured attractions Easter Island in Chile doesn’t fit into everyone idea of vacation. The place is hard to access and it is one of the major factors that make it desirable. Most of the travelers visiting this place would find the giant moai monoliths its greatest draw cards. Apart from the monolith the place is also an ideal destination to know about the local people. Visiting the caves could be an interesting idea.

How to get there:

You should get a flight to Santiago from there you will get connecting flight to reach Easter Island.

Urumqi, China

From an important stop on the Silk Road to becoming a commercial hub Urumqi has gone a long way. The city commands the distinction of being the farthest city from any sea. Urumqui also remains a hot favorite for its culinary delights that exude a distinct Asian. The travelers would get an opportunity to have a peek into the day to day life of local Han people. While in Urumqi don’t miss an opportunity to spend a night in a yurt in Tian Shan Mountains. With snow capped mountains in vicinity you would find it one of the best experiences of life. You would love to explore several adventure options this region has on offer.

How to get there

Situated in a remote area the ideal way to reach Urumqi is through airline. One should fly to Beijing from where connecting flights to Urumqi are easily available.


This fourth largest island in the world Madagascar is also widely explored for its difficult terrain. Wild terrain, village culture and beaches the destination called Madagascar is an ideal place to see endemic plants, rare birds, and endangered species. On their visit to Madagascar you should go to explore the Malagasy islands and limestone karst formations of Ankarana.

How to get there

Flights are available to Antananarivo. However taking a boat from Mauritius could be an ideal option.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Situated in south-central Siberia near the Mongolian border, Lake Baikal enjoys a stunning position amidst mountains, forests and wild rivers. Widely acclaimed for its natural beauty, it is considered oldest and deepest lakes in the world. With 2000 plant and animal species it is also an ideal place to see flora and fauna of the region.

How to get there

Air connectivity is available to Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, and Slyudyanka which are major gateways to Baikal. However most of the travelers opt for r the Trans-Siberian railroad.