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Port Elizabeth – A city of many shades

By Carlton Leisure - 31/01/2015


One of the largest cities in South Africa, Port Elizabeth sits halfway between Durban and Cape Town. The city situated on the Indian Ocean has been given sobriquets like the friendly city and the windy city and those who visited it before say that these sobriquets are well deserved. Also called PE the city is thronged by a large number of sunbathers and surfers from around the world. And availability of flights to Port Elizabeth from LHR fuels this arrival of the UK based travellers. Apart from being a destination in its own right, the city is also a jumping off point for various destinations in vicinity.


Port Elizabeth is home to some of the most fascinating beaches and it is one of the main reasons of mass exodus of people to the city. Driven by an urge to sunbathing and surfing the travellers come in hordes to the beaches. Blue Flag King’s Beach, Wells Estate Beach and Humewood Beach are some of the most beautiful beaches this city has on offer. Enjoying a good sunny day along East Coast is an experience in itself. The guests can have some family fun at Hobie beach while Blue water Bay and Sardinia Bay are places to enjoy some laidback moments.

Getting introduced to the city

A tour to the township is a good opportunity to come face to face with different aspects of life. You can explore its markets and have a look on its common people. In addition to malls and organised shopping options, watching vendors at streets is no less an experience. During the weekdays the city remains abuzz with activity. On your tour you will find this city full of activity and life. But the city is not all the fun as it looks from outside, as there are shanty towns where people live in abject poverty.

Adrenalin Rush

If adventure is your cup of tea then PE has several options to cater braveheart in you. The visitors can taste their guts at various challenging options that include wreck diving, shark diving, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, hiking trails and quad biking among others.

Museum hopping

Port Elizabeth is also a great place for museum hopping as it is home to some artefact. South Africa Airforce Museum with several aircrafts is an excellent place to visit. Bayworld attracts travellers with a museum, oceanarium and snake park. Those with interest in art and craft can visit Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum.